CenterPoint Flood Services

Accuracy mattered to her.

Meet Wanda Smith of Maryville, TN, who used a big national lender to take out a loan on her condo. She got an unpleasant surprise when her lender told her she had to purchase flood insurance with an annual premium of $500.

The worst part? She doesn’t live in a flood zone. Luckily, she turned to CenterPoint Flood Services for help.

The Internet service her bank used for flood zone determination was cheap and instant—just not accurate. Internet flood determination services can generate a result with the click of a mouse, but that’s all they can do. If their databases haven’t been updated, or there’s a dispute about the address in question, that result will likely be inaccurate. And the customer pays the price.

Wanda’s bank could have gotten it right the first time by using CenterPoint Flood Services to make its flood zone determination. CenterPoint’s hand-mapping experts have access to sophisticated cartographic tools, including the very latest in digital imaging and GPS technology. Not only do we provide flood zone determination, but we also offer comprehensive property illustrations that can help you and your customers make smart choices.

CenterPoint’s call center employs live technicians who understand the intricacies of validating flood zone certification. If we discover a problem, we peel back the layers until we resolve it—we never leave your questions unanswered. You can reach us when you need us and receive a speedy answer by fax, phone, or e-mail.

Large corporate banks may not care whether their customers have to pay steep premiums for flood insurance, but community banks do. You put your customers first because they’re your neighbors, too—they trust you to look out for their interests, and you deliver. That’s why you need CenterPoint Flood Services.